Supposedly, putting a pickle into a glass of light, cheap, beer makes it taste better, and I am skeptical.

Now, I will be the first to tell you that I hate pickles. Nothing about them - the taste or the smell- is appealing to me. Having said that, I also know that pickles are very popular and the majority of people love them so much that they could just drink the juice. That's why I am relying on you to try this hack.

This is something that has been talked about for a few years, according to Delish. Some people think it gives light beer a nice kick because pickles have so much salt. Delish explained, "It's basically the same reason you love having pretzels or French fries with a can of beer—the vinegar and salt notes complement the flavors in beer perfectly."

My dad has always added salt to his beer. It doesn't matter what brand of beer he is drinking, he is always adding salt to it. I never understood why. I tried it and wasn't a fan of the bitterness of it...that could be because he dumps way too much salt in his beer though. I believe that if you have to add anything to your beer to make it taste better, it's not good beer. But what do I know?

Back to this pickle-in-your-beer thing...

Most people just drop a pickle spear into their beer and let it sit for a bit. I'm not sure how it would work with pickle slices, but I would assume that it has a similar effect. For the sake of trying it, I would stick to a spear because that's what everyone else is using.

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Just make sure you use a big enough glass.  It tends to foam up when you drop the pickle in. One thing you should consider, the longer you let the pickle sit, the more it will taste like pickles, so make sure you take the pickle out if you don't enjoy eating them. Give it a try and see if it makes your beer taste better.

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