One of my favorite things about downtown Evansville, if not THE favorite thing, is the River Kitty Cat Cafe. If you haven;t ever been able to enjoy a delicious latte or glass of wine, eat a homemade Macaroon and watch cats playing, chasing, walking of sleeping inside of the cat viewing room, you are missing out.

Cat cafes have become extremely popular in recent years. Kendal Paul, Executive Director of the Vanderburgh Humane Shelter, who runs the downtown Evansville cafe, says visitors from all over come to visit the cafe and, often times, find themselves adopting a cat to take home. It's a win win from everyone, not only because the cats have found new families, but because all of the money made, from the sales of coffee, wine, desserts and merchandise, goes right back to benefit the animus at the VHS.

Cafes, like the one in Evansville are popping up everywhere around the county, even in Hollywood. Yes, tinsel town has made a cat cafe the setting for a new sitcom on FOX. Call Me Kat stars Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory, as the lead character, Kat. She is 39 years old, unmarried and has quit her job to open up a cat cafe in Louisville, KY. It includes the usual cast of characters, a meddling mom, employees, funny friends, cafe customers, next door business owners and, of course, a possible love interest.

Largely based on a British sitcom, it looks very corny and breaks the fourth wall in an attempt to connect with the viewers. Which I normally like, if it's done the right way. The wrong way just looks forced and unnatural. It's cute and unique, but I'm not sure if it will succeed. Take a look.

Call me Kat premiered on January 3rd, 2021. Watch it Thursdays, 9pm EST/8pm CST on Fox.

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