It was bound to happen eventually - being taxed for driving your car. Seems ridiculous, right? Well, a new law being proposed would use a GPS tracking device that would keep track of the total miles you drive and tax you accordingly.

The idea started in California with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission of San Francisco. Oh, by the way, low-income drivers would be exempt.

The purpose of the law is cut down on pollution and traffic congestion, but I think we know better. Gas taxes generates about $200 million per day and all of that money goes back into the roads.... no, it really does. The problem is, more fuel efficient vehicles means less gas being purchased and less gas being purchased means lower gas tax revenues.... see where this is going?

People already hate gas taxes and something like this will really ramp up the frustration level with taxpayers. Before we get our shorts in a wad, this plan could take as long as ten years to roll out and most believe passage is a longshot at best. Just the idea of it really irks about you?


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