It's November and Thanksgiving prep has begun. Not only do you need to get your holiday favorite ingredients now, but, you also need to make the most of your leftovers and your time.

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Storing Leftovers

When I store food, I usually use plastic (Wasabi 54) containers and plain ole aluminum foil. I never use plastic wrap because it's always such a pain. It never comes off of the roll the right way, and it never tears or seals where I want it to. Every time I try to use it, it gets all stuck together and I end up wasting more than I ever use. I don't even buy it anymore.

Doing It All Wrong

I guess I just didn't know how to STORE it. If I had, it would have worked the way it was meant to work.  The storage instructions aren't printed on the box of plastic wrap. How was I supposed to know? How were you supposed to know? And, If you already knew, why didn't you tell me? You know my kitchen skills lack.

Plastic Wrap Storage Hack

Thankfully somebody decided to share this little, yet very important storage hack with the TikTok world.

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I know you are probably a bit skeptical. I was too. But, I looked it up and, yes, it's basically just science. I just so happen to lack in the science department too.

According to,

...plastic wrap is also known to create static electricity which leads to the argument for storing it in the freezer. ...cold air cuts back on static. However, plastic wrap also loses its stickiness in colder temps for molecular reasons.

There you go! Now happy plastic wrapping!

You're welcome! Happy Thanksgiving leftover wrapping.

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