June is almost up and July is almost here. I'm sure you have seen many of the pop up firework stands all over the area. Yep, July 4th is almost here. I love my job, but I love any day that I can get off work. A lot of people do fireworks, cook out, enjoy family and friends. This fourth, don't forget the reasons why we are able to have this day. There are many songs that are associated with Independence Day. These two are my favorite.

"If you're reading this" by Tim McGraw   Man, this song makes me have feelings every time I hear this. The live version gets me more than the recorded version.


"Ragged Old Flag" by Johnny Cash. When I used to run the board for the oldies, I loved hearing this every time. It makes one think and not take everything for granted.

So this fourth, Enjoy it! Drink responsibly. Eat, gather, sleep. And! If you do fireworks, be smart. Don't be like Terry. It could've been a lot worse for him. (Though, the commentary of this video makes it!)


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