Since the beginning of its existance, the beer market has been domainated by men. Advertisers gear their ads toward male consumed forms of media. But, that's all about to change!

According to, Carlsberg's Coppenhagen Beer is now marketing a "gender neutral beer" which looks a lot like a wine bottle with it's wine like labels.  All geared toward women. I guess to give beer a more sofisticated touch.

In the most recent Gallup Poll on US drinking habits, only 27 percent of women named beer as their preferred drink. Not much really, but considering that only 6 percent listed beer as their favorite in 2009, women are obviously putting down the wine for beer.

We'll have to wait and see if it works. :-)

Here is a look at the video ad.....

He's speaking my lauguage and with just the right accent!! I'll take a Copenhagen AND that guy!!!! ;-)

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