Up against brews from all over the globe, four Indiana tap houses managed to secure medals in the global brewing competition known as the "World Beer Cup."

I'll be honest, I've never been much of a craft beer connoisseur, as I'm usually happy with my go-to choice of Busch Light. That said, I have several friends who enjoy the taste of craft beer, and the trend has been growing on me. Over the past year, I've had the opportunity to sample several craft brews here in Indiana, and I've been surprised at just how creative these tap houses can get. (The names have been my favorite part of the experience.) Some of these Hoosier locales have even made a name for themselves on a global scale.

In the 2024 World Beer Cup, four Indiana breweries took home medals, which is definitely something to brag about. The World Beer Cup Competition has been around since 1996 and celebrates the art and science of brewing. It's even been referred to as “The Olympics of Beer Competitions” and remains the most prestigious beer competition in the world. In 2024, a multitude of worldwide breweries competed in over 100 categories to earn gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively. Here are the Hoosier winners:

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Upland Brewing Co.

Upland Brewing Co. is located in Bloomington, Indiana and competed in the Belgian-Style Witbier category at the 2024 World Beer Cup. According to CraftBeer.com, this type of brew dates back hundreds of years and is made using unmalted wheat, and then spiced with coriander and orange peel. Upland Brewing Co. called their take on the classic "Upland Wheat," which earned them the bronze medal.

Three Floyds Brewing

Three Floyds Brewing can be found in Munster, Indiana, and they competed in the English Ale category at the 2024 World Beer Cup. Their ale was called "Gumballhead," which, according to their website, is an American Wheat Pale Ale with grapefruit and peach aromatics, along with a lemony finish. It earned them a bronze medal.

Moontown Brewing Co.

Moontown Brewing Co. is based out of Whitestown, Indiana, and entered the 2024 World Beer Cup competing in the German-Style Bock or "Maibock" category. According to CraftBeer.com, the German-style Maibock is paler in color and more hop-centric than traditional bock beers. Moontown Brewing Co. called their take "Skoolhouse Bock," which may be my new favorite craft beer name. This brew earned Moontown Brewing Co. a silver medal.

Metazoa Brewing Co.

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Metazoa Brewing Co. took home not one but two medals from the 2024 World Beer Cup. Their production team won the bronze medal in the Extra Special Bitter category with their brew titled "Ruh Roh." According to Metazoa Brewing Co., this brew is a malt-forward amber with a sweet bread-like character and a slight toasty flavor.

Metazoa Brewing Co. also took home a gold medal at the global brewing showdown, competing alongside fellow Hooisers at Moontown Brewing Co. in the German-Style Bock, or "Maibock" category. Metazoa Brewing Co. called their take "Ain’t Afraid of No Goats, which, according to their website, has a light amber color and a rich bready and toasty malt character. The full list of global winners can be viewed here.

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