When it comes to grocery shopping do you have time to visit all the outlets and compare prices? Let me help. I've done that for you.

I visited the top six grocery stores in Evansville: Ruler Foods, Schnucks, Meijer, Wal-Mart, Aldi and Buy Low-- and got prices on five items most of us buy frequently including milk, eggs, flour, sugar and bread.

This week I'm featuring milk. I got the (expires) Feb 13 price on 2% half gallon. I tried to avoid items on sale but looked for the least expensive brands and if possible priced store brands.

Many stores use milk as a loss leader - meaning they will actually take a hit on it (most people need it) in the hopes you'll stop in to their store to grab it but also pick up some other items while you are there. So, it costs the store more to purchase the milk from the distributor than they charge the consumer.

Here's this week's report. There's only about a $1.10 difference from cheapest to most expensive.

MILK (half gallon 2%)

Ruler Foods (Kroger)

Big Bill Love


Big Bill Love



Big Bill Love