Every Thursday on WKDQ we feature the pet of the week with Sydney Long of the Vanderburgh Humane Society and talk about the importance of pet adoption and animal rescue. I found this video and was mesmorized by it for some reason. It's a story about a bulldog with one eye that had everything going against her until she was rescued. Piper is a 7-year-old bulldog that was rescued by Austin, TX artist Jessica Stone. Stone resued the dog from San Antonio Animal Rescue and a bond was formed that is unbelievable.

Stone is an avid painter and one day she put a brush dipped in paint in Piper's mouth and Piper created art. Stone says Piper loves to put the brush to the paper and will spend a lot of time doing it. Stone just holds the paper, but the brush strokes are all Piper. See some of the incredible work that Piper has created. The video is worth the seven minutes you'll spend watching it, enjoy.

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