We don't realize how silly we look trying to make babies laugh or smile until we see ourselves do it on camera! We will try anything and everything to get them to crack a smile. One Newburgh family found that out first hand, and they went viral because of it.

Carrye Daum sent us a video of her and her family at their home in Newburgh over Thanksgiving. They were trying to make six baby cousins smile for a family picture. These babies were a tough crowd, fighting the urge to smile in the video, but the adults did everything they could think of to get them to smile. Little did they know, they would go viral for it!

The video itself has been viewed over 1.7 MILLION times as of the time that this was written. Good Morning America has even reached out to them about this video! Now, I know what you might be wondering...did their hard work of making the babies smile actually pay off? Well, here's the result of their efforts:

Carrye Daum
Carrye Daum

Thank you for sharing this hilarious family moment with us, Carrye!

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