Guys, imagine an aisle just for you at the grocery store with all of the things that we guys love. Well, Westside Market in New York City has created a brand new aisle that is just for men and they call it the "Man Isle.” The aisle has things like every kind of beer you can imagine, chips, barbeque and hot sauces, cereal, soda, beef jerky and Chock Full O'Nuts coffee all in one aisle.

The idea was born out of a recent survey done by ESPN that shows 31-percent of all grocery shoppers are now men. In 1985, only 14-percent of shoppers were men. I do most of the grocery shopping in my house mainly because of my wife's work schedule and the fact that her office is over 40 miles away. Although Schnuck's does have a very cool beer area with a gigantic selection...I'm just saying'.

Westside Market COO Ian Joskowitz said, "People rarely cater to men in the supermarket. So I thought let's do something fun, get people talking, something guys would like." Joskowitz also pointed out, "if he's in the store, he's doing the shopping, so we do a little something fun for him, the whole rest of the store is for the family."

Again, this is just for fun because we all know that men cannot simply live on chips and beer alone...or can we? I'm certainly willing to try.


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