Every Monday, we want you to hear all of the new music that you will start to hear on WKDQ with New Music Mondays! Be sure to check in with WKDQ.com weekly to see the new songs that we have added to our rotation. You can also let us know what you think about each song too!

This week, we have two new songs that will be added to the WKDQ playlist. After his success with  "Kill A Word," Eric Church has released a new single called "Round Here Buzz." Both songs can be found on his Mr. Misunderstood album, and now on WKDQ as well!  Next up, we have the second single off of Brad Paisley's new album, Love and War. The song is called "Last Time For Everything," and it's one of those songs that will take you back in time and reflect on things that have happened in your life that won't ever happen again. Check out the new music here:





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