Life is full of change, and I couldn't be more excited about the next steps in my life. After spending a few years away from my home state, it's great to be back around my fellow Hoosiers.

For years, I have listened to WKDQ and enjoyed every new song, story, and talent along the way. To be a part of the WKDQ team is truly an honor, and I can't wait to get to know all of you. That  being said, here are 10 things about me:

#1 -  Hoosier Born & Raised

I was raised in Pike and Daviess counties and earned my degree in broadcasting from Vincennes University in 2019. I've spent the last few years working in neighboring states, so it's great to be back home doing what I love.

#2 - I Love County Music

Jake Foster & Friends
Credit: Jake Foster

In high school, my buddies and I often piled in my beat-up Chevrolet Cavalier (which we named "The Bean" as it looked like a giant bean) and would make the trek to Evansville. We would turn up the radio to WKDQ on our way to window shop at Eastland Mall, catch a movie, or even grab a bite to eat.

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We loved listening to all the new country music and hearing a joke or two along the way. Most of our conversations during senior year centered around what we were going to do with our lives. For me, I always knew I wanted to create content, so being on WKDQ is a dream come true.

#3 - My Favorite Movie Franchise is Star Wars

Jake Foster, age 15, hanging out with some cosplayers during Star Wars night at Busch Stadium
Credit: Jake Foster

In addition to my love of country music, I'm a bit of a nerd. I'm a HUGE Star Wars and Star Trek fan, and will often go see the same film in theaters multiple times. Fun Fact: When Rogue One: A Star Wars Story came out in 2016, I went and saw it four times.

#4 - Pizza is My Favorite Food

I love pizza in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Pizza is just one of those things that is so versatile you can top it with just about anything. My go-to toppings are pepperoni, onion, and green pepper. What's yours?

#5 - I'm a Wannabe Pitmaster

Jake's Homemade Texas Hotlinks
Credit: Jake Foster

Watching movies isn't my only favorite activity. Over the last few years, I've found that I really enjoy spending time in my backyard barbequing. I even competed in my first barbeque competition last year, but didn't quite secure the big win. Luckily, it gave me the motivation to start perfecting some new recipes.

#6 - I'm a New Dog Parent

Credit: Jake Foster
Credit: Jake Foster

The day after Christmas, my wife and I rescued the newest member of our family. Her name is Luna, but we call her "Lou." She's 30 pounds of high-energy puppy who just loves to meet new people. Lou also loves pup cups from Dairy Queen, playing fetch, and watching the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men. (She's glued to the screen every time it's on TV).

#7 - I Bought a New (to Me) House

Credit: Jake Foster
Credit: Jake Foster

Recently, my wife and I bought a house, and it needed a LOT of work. We had to paint, put in new doors, and run some new plumbing, which I definitely did not do without some help.

We also had some yard work to take care of and spent last weekend pulling out some old bushes with my father-in-law's tractor. It had been several years since I operated a tractor, and I can tell you, it was not like riding a bike.

#8 - I'm a Coffee Drinker

Drinking coffee isn't just a part of my morning routine; it's also a part of my afternoon and evening routine, though it's not always caffeinated during those hours. There is also nothing exciting about my coffee. It's just a plain black cup of coffee in a plain black tumbler, and that's just the way I like it.

#9 - I Like to Read

When it comes to movies, I enjoy science fiction, but when it comes to books, I spend most of my time reading nonfiction.

Recently, I've become obsessed with American history. I am currently reading Helmet for My Pillow by United States Marine Corps veteran Robert Leckie, who served on the Pacific Front in World War II. You may be familiar with his name if you've seen HBO's miniseries The Pacific, which featured Leckie as a main character.

#10 - Radio is in My Blood

Credit: DeWayne Shake
Credit: DeWayne Shake

My dad, Dave Foster, has been in broadcasting for over 30 years. I grew up listening to him on the radio and even had the chance to share a mic with him when I was first getting started in the business.

We both work in separate cities now, but often chat about our jobs when we meet for lunch or visit with the rest of the family.

I'm stoked to join Townsquare Media and can't wait for all the new and exciting things we have coming to the #1 station for new country, WKDQ.

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