Evansville will soon be the home of a very unique entertainment venue.

We hear a lot about new businesses coming to Evansville. Most of the time, the reaction is the exact same thing, "we already have a place like this". People want "new" businesses to come to the area, and I don't blame them. I too would like some new and unique businesses to come to town that will give use more of a variety of things to do.

Evansville 411 News made an announcement yesterday about two new businesses coming to The Promenade of Evansville development. The first of which will be an insurance office. However, the second business is one of those things that we don't have already, and it sounds really fun!

Club 18 is coming to Evansville. This is a really cool concept. It's a bar with golf simulators. Think Top Golf but indoors. No weather holding you back from teeing off and having fun. While details about Club 18 are very limited at this time, there are several other facilities like this throughout the country.

So as far as the "golf simulator" portion of the new business goes, you're teeing off in front of a giant screen. Once you make your swing, the simulator works by analyzing a large amount of data produced from your golf shot.  The cool thing about golf simulators is that it takes way less time to play 18 holes than a normal golf course, plus you can do it year round. It typically takes about an hour per player to play all 18 holes. Some simulators allow you to play actual golf courses like Pebble Beach, PGA National, Muirfield Village, St. Andrews, and more, according to RainOrShineGolf.com.

Again, there are very little details regarding Club 18 at this time, but we do know that it's coming, and I can't wait! It will be located next to Mister B's Pizza and Wings in the Promenade on Evansville's east side.

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