I think we can all agree that Girl Scout cookies are the highlight of everyone’s year. It's so hard for my family and I to even choose a favorite. I just always get them all. One I KNOW I will be ordering is their latest cookie, the Toast -Yays.

The Girl Scouts just announced the new cookie flavor that tastes like French toast dipped in icing. OMG! YES!

The new cookie will go on sale early next year. And, where or not you will be able to buy them from your favorite Girl Scout, depends on COVID-19. But, you WILL be able to order them online.

Yes, they will be offering online cookie booths and socially distant or contactless sales and delivery options in select areas,If you have any questions leading ups to the release of the Toast-Yays and how you can get your hands on some, contact your local affiliate, Girl Scouts of America.

[USA Today]

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