I am quite sure by now, you have received a handful of messages on Facebook saying that you may have been hacked...that's probably not the case.

Travis Sams

I can't tell you how many of these messages that I got over the weekend. However, one thing that I can tell you is that any messages that asks you to forward the message like the one above is nothing more than a SCAM!

It's quite possible that the message above is a scam itself. Don't forward the message, as it could make your Facebook account vulnerable to hackers. Anytime you see a message like that, especially one that says something like "forward to your friends," just don't. For one, it's annoying to see in your inbox, and two, it's not even legit. Here's another example of the "scam" messages that I received over the weekend:

Travis Sams


If you want to make sure that you weren't hacked, there is an easy way to figure that out aside from forwarding a message to everyone you know. Start by doing a quick Facebook search of your name. If you see another account with your name and photo (because it's likely that you share the same name as someone else), then you have been hacked and cloned. Next, you should report that page to Facebook.

So if you have seen a lot of people share these messages, do the right thing and share THIS message with them! That way this annoying "forward the message along" can be put to an end!