Newburgh residents, like myself, will have a new breakfast option next year as plans have been submitted for the construction of a Dunkin' location just off Highway 66.

The Facebook page, Evansville 411 News, was the first to report the news Tuesday afternoon.

As mentioned in Evansville 411 News's post, the address for the new location will put it in the parking lot of the Apple Center which is home to Ruler Foods, Ryan's Paint & Hardware, and Traderbakers, among others.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The paper work filed with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, who oversees building project activity for the state doesn't specify a start date for construction of the location, nor does it give a specific date for the location's opening.

The new location of Dunkin', which dropped the "Donuts" from their name in a rebranding of the company back in 2019, will be roughly a third of a mile away from the intersection of Highways 66 and 261 which has been home to a Donut Bank location for years. While I imagine the new location will have some sort of impact on Donut Bank sales initially due to that fact that anytime we get something new in the Tri-State, we flock to it like a moth to a flame, however we're also fiercely loyal once we settle on a brand, especially one that was built right here in the Tri-State and is one of the first things you think of when you think of our area, so I'll be curious to see whether or not it will continue have an impact over the long term. We'll have to wait and see.

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