The NCAA tournament is right around the corner and it will have a very different look, especially for six teams. Adidas just unveiled some new uniforms for Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville that will be worn in the conference tournaments and the NCAA tournament. As you can see, these might be the most hideously ugly uniforms ever worn at any level. The shorts are by far the worst part of the new look and the jerseys are not far behind. The shorts are done in Zubaz style that was big in the 90s and it didn't work then either.

At least Kansas, Cincinnati and Notre Dame are sticking with the tank-top style jersey, while UCLA, Baylor and Louisville have chosen sleeves. Don't get me wrong, the sleeves are the least of the problem because after all, it was the University of Evansville that first wore the sleeves in in the 1940s through 1976 and then again from 1986-2002. These things are just plain ugly!

As a diehard UCLA fan, it pains me to say that UCLA's is the worst of the bunch. John Wooden would never have allowed anything like this EVER, for any reason. What is the point of these almost neon uniforms and why only those six teams? The bigger question is why is the NCAA allowing this?

My best guess is Adidas asked Director Tim Burton for some design advice because they certainly look like something out of any one of his movies. Turning out the lights for the starting lineups will be anti-climactic for these six teams because they will glow in the dark and probably zap dead, any insects that might try and latch on. Really, what's the point?