Smoking has been a hot button issue lately, especially right here in Evansville because of the recently passed smoking ban and the subsequent lawsuits filed earlier this week surrounding the exemption of Casino Aztar from the ban. The CDC, in an attempt to get people to quit smoking is set to rollout a $54 million ad campaign that is designed to 'shock' smokers into quitting. The ads are also targeting teens to keep them from starting. The ads feature actual former smokers and shows in very graphic detail, the health issues they are now faced with as a result of years of smoking.

Regardless of where you come down on this issue, these ads are shockingly graphic and many are saying they are too graphic for TV ads. The CDC says they have evidence to support these types of ads being very effective, but others say that according to some research, more smokers tend to turn away from these shock value ads.

Most believe the ads will not be effective and simply cross a line. Younger smokers in particular say they won't work. The bigger issue however is whether or not these new ads go too far....we'll see. The below video shows excerpts from some of the actual ads.

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