Remember the simpler days when everyone sat and live-streamed April the giraffe anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby?  Now it's Amelia's time! Amelia is a goat at Goebel Farms in Evansville and girlfriend is so close to having a baby!

Amelia the goat (Photo Credit: Goebel Farms)
Amelia the goat (Photo Credit: Goebel Farms)

Goebel Farms in Evansville is now live streaming Amelia the goat as she anxiously awaits the arrival of her little bundle of joy!  She is due any day now, and has many people watching her journey!

I can't wait to see the sweet little baby goat,  because let's be honest have you ever seen a baby goat?  They're seriously the cutest things ever.

Watch Amelia's live stream below, and click here to get more info on Amelia and all of the fun Fall happenings at Goebel Farms (like a Princess Leia corn maze)!



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