It's not easy being awesome. I wouldn't know, but there's a Missouri woman who does. A new video shows how she miraculously pulled off sweet Karate Kid moves when confronted with a shopping cart crisis.

There's very little backstory here, but it's more or less self-explanatory. A woman who was given the responsibility of herding multiple shopping carts back to a store encountered a problem. Watch closely and you'll see the groups of carts start to go rogue. It's at that point where she displays Wonder Woman-like skills.

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How do I know this is a Missouri woman? Quick look at the unmistakable Missouri plate of the car entering the parking lot. Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

BVIRAL via YouTube
BVIRAL via YouTube

I've never witnessed anyone pull of a Karate Kid crane move on shopping carts...until now.

This lady doing a good deed with shopping carts must be honored. Not all heroes wear capes.

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