How about a little gold Missouri. Believe it or not, it is possible and you don't have to travel far to try.

This began out of pure curiosity. Since I grew up here, I know Missouri has lots of rivers and rocks so my mind took that to the next level. Is there gold in those rivers? My research has discovered that's a big "yes".

I found a video from Kyle Thiemann who does some prospecting in Missouri creeks and rivers and shared what he found.

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I also found a website called (appropriately) Rare Gold Nuggets and it listed known occurrences of gold being found in Missouri.  They listed 7 and include the following:

  • North Fabius River
  • Platte River
  • Missouri River
  • Chariton River
  • Murray Gulch
  • Sand Creek
  • Mussel Fork Creek

The one that caught my eye was the North Fabius since that flows through Marion and Schuyler counties. Chariton is also a Schuyler and Adair County water source.

There's also a guy named Prospector Jess who shared some Missouri gold prospecting tips.

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All the stories I've heard from friends about searching Missouri rivers and creeks is that if you find gold, it'll be tiny dust and you won't have good results unless you are careful with your panning. It's also important to note that if you choose to try this, WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES. I put that in ALL CAPS because you don't want to be on the receiving end of a Cottonmouth while gold adventuring.

My wife has already informed me that we're gonna try this next spring. Just maybe there's gold in those hills (and/or creeks).

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