Even the most smooth talking men will likely tell you they’ve been tongue-tied around women at some point in their lives. Now, a new study says that when men interact with a woman who’s ovulating, they change their speech patterns.

Research with 123 male and five female college students, revealed that when the females were fertile, the guys picked up on subtle changes in their skin, voice, and scent, and were less likely to copy their sentence structure — maybe to try and highlight the men’s creativity.

In these new experiments, when the women were less fertile, men copied their sentence constructions 62 percent of the time — but  under 50 percent when the women were at peak fertility.

We all know, ladies, that men have longbeen  known to change their behavior if they’re trying to find or keep a woman. In humans, this can manifest itself in displays of risk-taking, writing a romantic poem, or using bigger words than usual.....all while flexing!! ;-)

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