Over the Christmas holiday it became very clear to me that men don't really pay attention to fashion like we should. My wife and I were ready to go out to a party when my wife looked at me and asked what I was wearing. I thought I looked fine...dress pants, dress shirt, dress shoes and apparently, one very big faux paux.

Apparently it is against some fashoin law that a man's belt has to match his shoes....who knew? I certainly didn't, nor did I care all that much. My wife was appalled by the fact that I was wearing a brown belt with black shoes. I asked why that mattered and I'll tell you one thing for sure.....I will never ask THAT question again. I thought she was going to call the police for cryin' out loud.

I actually did some research after my fashion trial ended with a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict and found out some interesting things.

There really are fasion rules for men that actually make pretty good sense, at least according the folks at golocalprov.com and they are as follows:

  • Always match your belt with your shoes: As your mom probably always told you, brown shoes means brown belt, period, no discussion. Keep it simple and stick to basic colors like brown and black
  • Match your tie to your shirt: If your tie compliments your shirt, you can experiment and be creative, but don't get too tricky....IT HAS TO MATCH
  • Try Flat Front Pants: They say most men feel beter in flat front pants, but I always thought pleated was the way to comfort; and thanks to my wife MAKING me wear flat front, I realized I was wrong...flat front is better and more comfortable.
  • Match your socks: Really....do we even need to go there? The socks have to match, but they don't necessarily have to be the same color as your pants...nuff said there.
  • Invest in a watch: There is no other accessory a man can own that is more important than a watch. Make sure you invest in a good watch and not a cheap one. Something that suits your taste and lifestyle, and if you're not sure what your taste and lifestyle is...ask your wife or girlfriend because they are experts in this area.