Not only is Luke Combs releasing a new album on November 8th, but he will also be releasing his own Crocs this November too.

Luke Combs is collaborating with Crocs once again to release a new line of shoes.We're talking about one of the biggest names in country music right now, teaming up with my favorite comfy shoes, Crocs.

If you recall, Luke teamed up with Crocs earlier this year to sell Luke Combs X Cross exclusively at the CMA Fest in Nashville.


Those shoes sold out rather fast, so that means that I am not the only one who enjoys wearing Crocs. I mean people give me grief over my Crocs all of the time...BUT if Luke Combs wears them and he is cool, this means that Crocs are now cool, and by the transitive property of "cool", my Crocs and I are cool as well. Take that, Croc haters!


Neither Luke nor Crocs has given us any idea what the new release on November 14th will look like, but hopefully they give us a preview of them very soon. However, if they look anything like the last ones, they will be sold out in no time. I just hope that I can snag a pair before then!This is what his first Crocs shoes looked like. Very country looking.




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