One of my former students shared the cutest break-up letter on her Facebook page. It's one of the many times, I'm afraid, for her super adorable, Regan. I do think she let him down as gently as she could.

What a little heartbreaker, so beautiful. And, according to her mom, sweet, sharp and fun.

Alescia B/Facebook
Alescia B/Facebook

It must just be the name Regan because something very similar happened to my Reghan when SHE was in the first grade.

She came home and took a folded up piece of notebook paper out of her backpack. As she unfolded it, I saw that it looked like a drawing. She unfolded it all the way and held it to her chest so I couldn't see it. I thought it might be a little poem or drawing she had made for me. I couldn't wait. She then said something I didn't expect. As she began to slowly hand me the paper she asked, 'Does this mean he wants to marry me?' When I looked at the drawing, I realized she wasn't the one who had made it. It was from a boy in her class and it was a drawing of a house plan.

I mean, it was shocking and yet I was incredibly impressed. For a first grader it was all drawn out in straight-ish lines and every room was labeled. She asked me, 'Well, does it? Cause I don't like him that much!' I didn't know what to say. It appeared that he was, in fact, planning for the future. Yes, it looked like he was searching for a long term commitment.

Through my smile and held back laughter, I explained to her how much effort he had put into this and that he must really think highly of her. And, if she only liked him as a friend, she should thank him for such a thoughtful gesture, but decline and give it back to him with the assurance she would always be his friend.

Folding up the drawing and putting it back in her backpack, she said, 'You know, Mom, he should have at least ask me to be his girlfriend first, I would have said, no, but he should have asked.'

Yep, he should have. LOL

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