The investigation continues into the apparent suicide of a teen on the grounds of Castle High School. According to 44News, the former Central High School student was armed with several loaded guns. Bullying my have been the reason that the teen took his own life.

The reason for the several loaded firearms has yet to be determined but EPD records show that 15 year old Roman Kellough had three loaded fire arms on him while on school property. The teen died, on Tuesday, of a single self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Kellough's aunt, who set up a GoFundMe account for his funeral expenses, expressed her grief and anger over the the possible reason her nephew took is own life.

Roman Matthew Kellough left this world due to the senseless crippling effect of High School Bullying . Our family is completely devastated......If you're unable to donate, I will still ask 2 favors from you.
One being to please keep his parents, siblings, and the rest of our family in your prayers, the other is to be Romans Voice against High School bullying , share this to make it known to everyone,everywhere the devistation & heartbreak bullying can cause. Thank you for anything you can do & God be with us all.

Open up dialogue with your child about bullying with reAct to Bullying.

The EVSC released the following statement:

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the young man who passed away yesterday outside of Central High School. When tragedies happen, it is only natural for people to want answers. And in today’s environment, speculation often overwhelms social media. We continue to work with our community’s mental health organizations, and in this instance EPD, to find answers and solutions. Counselors will continue to be available for any student needing support.”



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