One of the most, if not THE most, difficult times of your life is when the roles of child and parent reverse. When your parents health starts to decline and you begin the role of caregiver, or when you face your own mortality with the death of a parent it changes you in ways you don;t expect. You realize you are stronger than you ever thought.

My mom passed away over four years ago. A year and a half later, my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. What has been a time of deep sorrow and change, has also become a time of education and growth. A time of growing closer to the man that made safe and gave me the confidence I have to do anything.

The pandemic has kept me away from him. I know I have lost time that I will never get back. But, I have to tell myself that, by staying away, I am protecting him from the virus. We talk on the phone frequently, which is kinda funny, because it's something he never really liked to do. But, it's all we have right now, so he's good with it. Now I can't get him to hang up. LOL

Overall, Captain Morgan is doing well. The disease is progressing, but slowly. He has a wonderful team of doctors looking out for him and helping us to help him throughout this journey.

All we can do, is cherish every moment we have with him. And, we do.

Leslie's Dad Is Living With Alzheimer's - Here's How He's Doing

My family has found that the Alzheimer's Association is an amazing resource for families taking care of a loved one with the disease. Get information, support and some very helpful tips, HERE.

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