To help us all get into the spooky spirit of Halloween, during the month of October, I will be sharing some Tristate Haunts and Legends stories with you. These are real stories that have happened to people right here in the Tristate.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these stories and videos will creep you out. WARNING: Don't watch alone.

Ever been in your basement or attic and just had a creepy feeling? What if you heard someone or something tell you to leave? That's what happened to my friend, Erik, when he went up to his attic to check a leak.

My apartment.. Used to be an Victorian style home. Very old. On outskirts of Old Louisville. Was in my attic trying to video a leak in the roof to send to my landlord.. You hear me say "see it" (don't ask me why, he was not there) lol but after that you hear another voice...

I can't believe he was able to keep his cool and get his phone out to try and get some audio of the ghost giving him warning. I would have been running for the door. BTW, he says he has more video evidence of a ghost in his attic. So, more to come.

The video is very short, but the ghosts words stand out. #Chills

If you would like to share a story, send me a message on Facebook or comment below.

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