Take the family on a very unique underground dinosaur safari this April at Louisville Mega Cavern.

Louisville Mega Cavern is one of the largest caverns in the United States. Hence why it's called the "Mega" Cavern. If you've never been there before, there's so much more to it than just walking through a giant cave. They have the world's only fully underground Zip Lines & Adventure Tour (MEGA ZIPS), the world’s only fully underground aerial ropes challenge course (MEGA QUEST), a 10-stories-underground Historic Tram Tour (MEGA TRAM), the largest indoor bike park in the world (MEGA BIKE PARK), a guided e-bike tour (MEGA E-BIKES), and of course, Lights Under Louisville, the world's only fully underground holiday light show. This April, they'll have another cool attraction that you and the family might want to experience.

Louisville Mega Cavern and Dino Safari USA are teaming up to take families on an underground dinosaur adventure that will feature over 40 giant moving dinosaurs. You'll be able to drive through the cavern in your vehicle to observe these dinosaurs and some more fun along the way. According to Louisville Mega Cavern's website:

Get up-close-and-personal with the most fascinating prehistoric creatures from the mighty T. rex of North America to the giant amphibious Spinosaurus from Africa while you learn how dinosaurs evolved over time, where on earth they lived, and the discoveries paleontologists have made about how they ate, moved, and behaved. Beware: along the journey, earthquakes might erupt, dinosaurs could battle, and your family might just have to help save a baby dinosaur’s life!


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This sounds like a fun adventure for kids and adults alike! I can just see adults driving through the cavern after they've spotted the T-Rex and quoting Jurassic Park by saying "Must go faster!" I know I would say that.

It'll make for a cool weekend road trip. It's something different and unique that we don't see a whole lot of around here. The Dino Safari at Louisville Mega Cavern runs April 9th to May 2nd, Monday through Sunday 10am to 9pm. You can learn more and get your tickets for this adventure by visiting Louisville Mega Cavern's website.

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