This morning I witnessed something on the interstate that really irked me...and I am quite positive that you share my opinion on this.So, on my way to work, I was getting onto southbound I-69 from Highway 62.   As I was about to merge onto the interstate, there were only two cars traveling down the road. However, rather than moving over to let me onto the interstate, they chose to stay in the right lane and not allow me to get on the interstate.

Now, I realize we have the Left Lane Law here in Indiana, but if you are on the interstate and you see traffic trying to merge, it's common courtesy to move over to the left lane to allow them on. If you choose to stay in the right lane and make oncoming traffic brake, that's just plain rude! Granted, I realize there are times when you can't move over to the left lane. In instances like that, merging traffic should wait until there is a gap in traffic big enough to allow you to merge. However, the instance this morning was not one of those moments.

According to Indiana law,

If you are driving on the interstate and another car is trying to merge, give them room to do so. However, drivers already on the interstate have the right-of-way. Drivers entering the interstate should always yield to cars already on the road.

So it is not illegal to stay in the right lane when traffic is trying to merge, it's just common courtesy to move on over. I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me...and I can only assume that you have been in a scenario like this. Little things like allowing traffic to merge onto the interstate (especially first thing in the morning) goes a long way in preventing road rage..or getting a one finger salute.


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