I was scrolling my Facebook News Feed this morning and found out that my niece is about to loose her first tooth! YEA! Cool! Facebook is very valuable to me because I live so far away from my loved ones and friends. My FB page allows me to see what they are doing and let them share in a portion of my life. Our pics, videos and status updates help us laugh, cry, pray and live together. But what I didn't realize is how important Facebook is in helping ME stop and remember the memories of my life too.


On my sister's FB page, I saw that she had made a Facebook video. Well, FB made a little video for HER. A video that showed her and all of her family and friends, the last five years. It was amazing!! I cried. Then, I watched it again and cried AGAIN!! The post had a link so I could make one of my own. So, I did!! Click here to watch my video.

Now, follow the link on my video to make you own!! I promise you, you will love it. :-)