Growing up in the country, I've encountered my fair share of snakes, some much larger than others. That said, anyone who has gone hiking or fishing with me can attest that I'm not a big fan of reptiles and avoid them at all costs. If I see one in an area I'm walking towards, I'll usually find another way around, even if that means climbing over barbed wire or a series of fallen trees.

Recently, a Vanderburgh County resident found a reptile in their building and, upon closer inspection, realized it was a snake. According to a post on the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, Deputy Jared Wagner responded to the scene and was able to ensure both the safety of the snake and the person who made the call. Deputy Wagner removed the snake from the area and released it into the wild, thus creating a happy ending. I think we can all agree that this deputy deserves a big round of applause.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I could have been as brave as Deputy Wagner, who, from the picture, seems to be perfectly content holding his new pal. If I were to come across a snake in my home, there would most likely be a Jake-sized hole in the nearest wall following a hasty exit. Luckily, there are some ways to help avoid any in-home encounters with this type of reptile.

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According to Critter Control, snakes can enter homes and buildings looking for food or nesting spots. As they cannot dig, they usually gain entrance through cracks or holes around the foundation. Some can even slither under doorways. The most common places you will find them are behind appliances, in your basement, crawlspace, or attic. To avoid snakes gaining entry to places you don't want them, it is recommended that you keep your yard free of debris and seal up any gaps or cracks around your home or building with caulk. However, if you do manage to find yourself face-to-face with a slithering creature, remember to be kind and call someone, like Wagner or pest control, who can help find the little beast a new home.

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