A valuable lesson, I learned from my mom, is to empower and lift up those around you. Whether is be your family, friends, co-workers or even perfect strangers, you should always help others. She lived by this frame of thought every day of her life, and I too have strived to give and share of myself whenever I can.

My own life has been filed with many blessings but also many trying and troubling times. During my difficult moments, I grew stronger and more confident. I learned to cope with what life threw my way. But, my healing process and self help never ends. Our memories of our struggles never really leave us, but they become easier to deal with. For me, everyday is a continuous, yet at different levels, reset of mind and body.

On the air and in my articles, I have been very candid about my struggles, in the hope that I can help someone who is going though or dealing with something similar. As you may know, I have suffered with mental illness, in the form of and Anxiety Disorder, my entire life. I have shared with you the fact that I was sexually abused as a child, my painful divorce, my fears and my not so flattering bad qualities. All, in the hopes that you will realize you are not alone in what has happed to you or how you feel. Sharing my personal struggles, I hope, help you with your own struggles. And, in return, sharing helps me heal too.

Five years ago, I was asked to appear in the PBS show, Project Reveal. The episode was about finding your passion. As I was prepping for my segments, I realized that without going through the things I had been though, I never would have found my passion. All of my roads, no matter how rocky, led me to my life now, the radio and you.

I appear on the show, hosted by, Project Reveal's, Stacey Goldbold and WEHT Lifestyles, Ange Humphrey, with Newburgh, IN, romance novelist, Cindy Nord. We appeared on Episode 2 - Season 2, of Project Reveal.

Like me, Cindy shared her own story that led her down her destined path. Sadly, in 2019, Cindy Nord passed away. She was a beautiful and giving spirit who is missed by so many that loved her, everyday. I feel so honored to have shared this episode with her. She was an inspiration.

In the Project Reveal episode, we share our stories, of change and reinvention, to empower you to change your life, reinvent yourself and start your new chapter.

This is how our episode was described.

We are all the authors of our own life story. Join us for episode 2 as two women share with us their journey to find their true path to happiness.
We will explore how listening to our passions and seizing opportunities that fall at our feet can change your life.
You only have one life. What do you want to do with it?

I appear at the 8:39 in the video, but I look very different. It WAS five years ago. LOL You will also hear and see a little of my former radio husband, Dave Fields.


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