The more we have moved beyond our municipal boundaries into the suburbs over the last several decades, the more we've been able to see the kinds of creatures we once couldn't on such a regular basis.

When I was a kid in the 1970s, the "wildlife" in my neighborhood was pretty much relegated to birds, squirrels, and the occasional opossum. Maybe, on the rare occasion, a raccoon would make itself known. But that was about it.

Soon there would be rabbits everywhere--I seriously do not remember seeing them with the frequency that I do now. (In 2022, their profile is as high as a squirrel's.) And then, of course, deer began wandering into our view and, worse, onto the roads at a higher rate. And more recently, relatively speaking, coyotes and bobcats have become more prevalent among us humans.


But if you'd like to expand your horizons beyond the living room picture window or the front porch, there are ways to view beautiful Kentucky wildlife that WON'T show up in your yard...for the most part.

And I say "for the most part," because bald eagles have made occasional appearances in the tri-state area and in locations not technically reserved for ORGANIZED viewing. But if you're interested in seeing a lot of them, keep Kentucky's state parks in mind. There are usually eagle weekend events, but there are some parks that are currently being used for housing and food services for Kentuckians who were displaced by the floods this summer.


But it's a green light for Eagle Weekends at Land Between the Lakes in 2023.

And of course you can do your own bird watching, not to mention elk and bison watching at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.


Jenny Wiley State Park in Prestonsburg is absolutely beautiful, and I need to go back. First of all, the park is currently at capacity due to the flooding, but maybe you can stay somewhere nearby and take advantage. Plus, there's so much to do up and down the Country Music Highway that runs through eastern Kentucky.

Do a little research and learn what you can see during months most people don't think of as "tourism months." But if you're like me, you get tired of the winter doldrums and ache for something fun to do.

This just might be your answer.

Select Wildlife You Could Encounter in Kentucky

With all the bear stories--and occasional bobcat stories--that are popping up, maybe it's time we take a look at some of the wildlife you could encounter within these Kentucky borders. Some are harmless and some you want NO part of, in my opinion.

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Kentucky's Nuisance Animals

A couple of these creatures would cross over into the "dangerous" category, but the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife says that these are ALL nuisances, and with good reason.

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