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During the latest round of winter weather we've been having in the Tristate, our furry friends are trying to decide whether or not they are snow dogs.

My dogs have proven that they are defiantly NOT of the colder weather variety because they will not go outside to do their business. But, I've seen tons of super cute photos and videos of dogs who are having the time of their life playing in the latest powdery snow.

Tank, a very handsome and charming 6 1/2 year old dog from Henderson, KY, loves the snow so much, he’s playing keep away with the snow shovel so he can try to find a place to bury it.

I am in love with Tank! I guess he also likes to sing to the Two and a Half Men theme song. LOL

Thank you to my Facebook friend, Wendy, for sharing Tank's adventures with us.

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Like Tank, my Lola used to love the snow, as long as she had her winter coat on.

During the most recent snowfall, I realized that she has changed her tune. Not only will she NOT wear a coat anymore, but she won't even go out to potty. We had to buy pee pads. She will go to the opened door, stick her nose out a little, take a sniff, then turn tight around and make a beeline for her pee pad. It's ridiculous.

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