As a native of Owensboro and someone who's lived here his whole life, I've watched the roller coaster ride that HAS been downtown Owensboro. I've been here through all the phases.

It was a thriving, bustling 2nd Street when I was a kid. Mom would take my sister and me on a Saturday and we could be there all day. It was the precursor to the mall. And then--yes--malls happened and pulled us all away from downtown. In the 1980s and well into the 90s and maybe even the early 2000s, it was more or less a ghost town. There were a few antique shops and law offices, but it only really came alive during the Barbecue Festival. And that was only because of all the vendors that descended upon it for one weekend a year.

Kingdom Cords Men's Clothing Coming to Downtown Owensboro

But now, downtown Owensboro is a beautiful destination for diners and shoppers. And that upswing will continue with the addition of a brand new and stylish men's clothing store called Kingdom Cords.

And you may already be familiar with it. There's a location in Greenville KY.

So what can shoppers expect when they visit Kingdom Cords?

We're a unique haberdashery focusing on clothing for men and boys and offering casual clothing, formal attire, and accessories at reasonable prices. We started this business because there are not many men's clothing shops in the area and we wanted to provide our community with quality apparel for men and boys.

Where Will Kingdom Cords Locate in Downtown Owensboro?

A fixture in downtown Greenville since 2021, Kingdom Cords had always planned to expand and now Owensboro will reap the benefits of that goal. Kingdom Cords will locate in the old Lil Bit Sassy building.

Downtown Owensboro used to be lined with clothing stores for everyone in the family. I seem to remember The Louisville Store and Tarrant Ties. Yes, there once was a store that just sold neckties. There also used to be a Drury's Men's Store.

And now, the downtown area seems to repopulating with the kinds of stores many of us remember from back in the day. Let's roll out the red carpet for Kingdom Cords and wish them well. Visit the store's Facebook page for updates as they prepare to open sometime in October.

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