Spring's final full moon will happen this month, here's when to check it out.

Full Moons

When it comes to full moons many superstitions surround them.  Some believe full moons make folks go off the rails, and others believe full moons hold some mystic powers.  Whatever it is you believe, I think one thing we can all agree on is that full moons are quite the sight to see.  Seeing a full moon is something that for me, never gets old.  I'll never miss a chance to step outside and take a peek at the moon when it's full, I just think it's a beautiful sight.  The next full moon we'll see is the Flower Moon, here's what you need to know about it.


May's Flower Moon

The full moon that falls during May is the Flower Moon, which has quite a pretty ring to it.  So why is May's moon known as the Flower Moon?  According to Farmer's Almanac, it's called the Flower Moon because May is when many native plants begin to bloom and flourish.

May is the month when hundreds of native flowers, sedges, bushes and trees blossom throughout North America bloom. Columbine’s intricate red and yellow bell-like flowers with deep nectaries provide early season food for hummingbirds and other long-tongued pollinators.


When to See the Final Moon of Spring

Photo by Johnny Kaufman on Unsplash
Photo by Johnny Kaufman on Unsplash
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The Flower Moon will be on May 23rd and will peak around 9:53 AM Eastern time per the Farmer's Almanac.   This also makes the Flower Moon the final full moon of the spring season.  The reason is that June's full moon won't happen until June 21st, which is the day after the summer solstice on June 20th.


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