If you're a parent, you worry about what your child does and how they act when you aren't around. Will they be on their best behavior, or will they do things they shouldn't or act in a way that could get them into trouble? You never really know.

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The best feeling is when you get a note from the teacher, a call from a neighbor, or a comment from a stranger, that says you have an awesome child. No child is perfect and they all make mistakes, some of them in public. But, it's incredible to think that when they have a choice to make, they will make the right decision.

Sometimes, their good decision isn't about them as much as it's about showing kindness towards others.

Camden and Macie, from Lowell, Indiana, are those kids and I'm sure their parents are so proud of them. I know I'm proud of them and you will be, too.

Here's what someone who lives in the had to say about their kind gesture to them and to other kids in the community who might be trick-or-treating at the house.

Camden and Macie put candy in my empty candy bowl so other kids can have candy in Lowell, Indiana. I rewarded them with a couple of bags of candy and each got a $2 dollar bill from my mother.

I love this video so much. It's not only about what they do, but what they say, too. I just love it!



After writing about the child that took all of the candy from a porch in Illinois who then flipped the bird to the security and then ran off, I wish I could reward Camden and Macie for their show of respect and kindness to others.

[Viral Hog via Rumble]


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