For nearly 3 decades, this coaster has been thrilling riders at Kentucky Kingdom, but now it's going to be retiring.

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Kentucky Kingdom

Located in Louisville, Kentucky sits an amusement park that has had quite an interesting go. According to an article from Courier-Journal, Kentucky Kingdom was built in 1987, but quickly closed a few months later.  The park was reopened in 1990.  Six Flags then ran the park and it was known as Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, but unfortunately, they filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and the park closed.  However, after a five-year closure, the park reopened in 2014 and has been running ever since.  You can check out more on Kentucky Kingdom's wild ride (pun intended) here because it's fascinating.

Theme Park Review (YouTube)/ Canva
Theme Park Review (YouTube)/ Canva

Kentucky Kingdom Says Goodbye to T3

According to, T3 opened in 1995.  T3 is described as a suspended roller coaster that flipped you head over heels multiple times.  After nearly three decades, Kentucky Kingdom announced that T3 would be retired and would not be open for the 2023 season.

Theme Park Review//YouTube
Theme Park Review//YouTube

In an email sent to season pass holders, Kentucky Kingdom stated:

After nearly 30 years of thrilling riders, we regret to announce that the T3 roller coaster at Kentucky Kingdom has been retired. While it is always difficult to say goodbye to a beloved ride, we are excited to share some exciting news about 2023 that will enhance the overall guest experience, especially for you, our valued season passholders.

While it's always sad to hear of a ride closing down, it is exciting to think about what's to come to the park! Maybe they have another gravity-defying coaster up their sleeves?  Guess we will have to wait and see!

Kentucky Kingdom Opening Date 2023

If all of this talk of coasters has you ready to enjoy some of the rides and roller coasters at Kentucky Kingdom, mark your calendars because the opening day for the 2023 season at Kentucky Kingdom is right around the corner! Opening day is May 13th, 2023.

You can see full hours of operation and more, here.

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