While taking a walk this morning, Leslie was appalled at the amount of trash that was lying on the side of the road where she lives in rural Kentucky. Aside from the fact that you should NEVER throw your trash out the window and littering is against the law, what she found was very scary.

Leslie found that out of all the trash she encountered while on her walk, (which was an astounding amount) the majority of the trash was alcohol related. Open containers, in the cars, are being thrown out of the car windows.

My sister found 12 of these exact whiskey bottles on our 1 1/2 mile walk!!!


Both of these are against the law, littering AND having an open container in the car, in Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana. Although littering is something disgusting, harmful to the environment and just awful, the open container violations are the most worrisome. We are hoping that the open containers are coming from the passengers, even though it's illegal,  and not the drivers.

PLEASE don't litter and more importantly, PLEASE don't drink and drive. You want to make American great again??? Start with cleaning up your own city by NOT littering and keep our roads safe by helping to eliminate drink driving accidents and fatalities.

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