Have you ever wondered why some cities seem to have a reputation for rudeness, while others are known for their friendliness and politeness? Bigger cities are usually a melting pot of cultures and ideas. This makes for a unique set of challenges when it comes to social etiquette.

How Rude!

The perception of a city as "rude" isn't just a matter of personal opinion; it often reflects the collective behavior and norms of its residents. From traffic congestion to public transport etiquette, and customer service, a lot of elements can shape the perception of a city's rudeness.

PHOTO: canva
PHOTO: canva

Is this a Misprint?

How could any city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky be considered as rude? When you think about Kentucky you probably picture horses, bourbon, and bluegrass. I have lived in two very different cities in Kentucky, and one of them is on the rudest list.

Can You Guess Which Kentucky City Was Named One of the Rudest in the Nation?

According to Business Insider, Louisville, Kentucky is one of the 50 rudest cities in America. It actually comes in at number 37.

PHOTO: canva
PHOTO: canva

Personally, I can say that the traffic alone can make anyone seem rude in Louisville. The whole atmosphere of the city is completely different than other cities like Lexington.

Percentage: 2.3% of respondents thought Louisville had the rudest inhabitants. A Louisville television reporter Sara Rivest was kissed on the cheek against her will while taping a live segment. She said it wasn't okay, and police charged the man with harassment. One little girl who knew the reporter told her the man had stolen her first kiss, which was "so rude!"

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I'm sure there can be 50 versions of this concept, but we'll let the other 49 states deal with their own. We're here for the Bluegrass State.

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