The Kentucky Castle is offering several Murder Mystery Dinners that would make for a memorable date night.

I don't know about you, but I love a good murder mystery. Those are some of my favorite kinds of movies. Oftentimes, I wonder how I would fare trying to solve a murder mystery. Granted, I wouldn't want the responsibility of trying to solve a real one. That's why I'm pretty fascinated about these Murder Mystery Dinners at the Kentucky Castle.

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For those who don't know, the Kentucky Castle is a hotel, restaurant, and spa located in Versailles, Kentucky (right outside of Lexington). If you've never been before, you should! You can make it a weekend trip staying overnight, or you can simply make it a day to take a tour and eat at their restaurant.

While just visiting is nice, The Kentucky Castle is offering a few unique events that make visiting more entertaining. They will be offering several Murder Mystery Dinners throughout July and August. According to the Kentucky Castle website:

<p>Enjoy a delicious dinner in the Grand Ballroom at The Kentucky Castle. But don't get too comfy, because while you eat, our Murder Mystery Dinner Theater team "Murder &amp; Merriment" will have you saying "whodunnit?!"</p><p>One lucky guest who solves the mystery will win a gift card to The Kentucky Castle!</p>
The Kentucky Castle
The Kentucky Castle

There are several dates that you can choose from for the Murder Mystery Dinner. Each date offers a different kind of murder mystery story, so no two dates are alike.Some dates have already sold out, but you can see the full list of dates below:

You can learn more about these events and even book your spots to solve the murders by clicking here.

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