It looks like a scene out of a fairy-tale, or at least like something you'd expect to see in another country.  But in Kentucky, just a short drive from the tri-state there's a real life castle that you can visit!

I had heard rumors of a castle in Kentucky, but I honestly just didn't believe them.  But no, I was wrong. It's a real life FREAKING CASTLE IN KENTUCKY! And the best part is, you can visit it, get married in it, or even stay the night in it!

Photo Credit: CastlePost

An event popped up in my newsfeed that said "Kentucky Castle Tours" so of course I clicked on it.  And there it was, the castle I had heard rumors about in Kentucky.  And this thing is no joke, it's a real life castle! So of course the first thing I did was click on the tours to get more details, I've never been inside a castle before, and I'm not missing a chance to do so! They did tell me the 2017 tour dates are filling up fast, but not to worry, they'll be adding more dates for 2018!

But it turns out this place is much more than just tours, they do everything. From running their own farm for farm to table meals, to having stunning suites you can stay the night in, to even booking your wedding there (hello, why did I not know about this before I was married?!  Could you imagine how stunning those photos would be?!) they have everything!

I mean seriously, this looks like a scene from another country! But it's just right down the road in Kentucky!

Photo Credit: CastlePost

And this dining room *insert heart eye emoji here*

Okay I think you get it now. It's a REAL castle and it's in KENTUCKY! It's located just outside of Lexington, so about a 2-3 hour drive.  How fun of a day trip would this be?  Just to go and do a tour (the tours are complete with a delicious farm to table meal included), or even to stay there for a fun weekend getaway!

You can get more information on the Kentucky Castle, here. Also you can see more photos, plus pricing info on their website.

Okay and one more photo because I can't help myself:

Photo Credit: CastlePost

A big thank you to the Kentucky Castle for sending me these stunning photos.