If you want to eat the best mac and cheese in Kentucky, one website claims that this is the restaurant to visit.

We all have our favorite restaurants to dine at in Indiana. There are so many options to choose from. Whether it be chain restaurants or local businesses, there are no shortages of great food here in Kentucky. At many of these restaurants, one of the most popular side dishes is mac and cheese. I mean, let's face it, mac and cheese is pretty much one of the best comfort foods there is. Name a better duo than that. Growing up, I ate so much mac and cheese that my parents constantly told me that I was going to turn into mac and cheese. That has yet to happen, but there's still time.

macaroni pasta and cheese bake with creamy bechamel sauce.

Speaking of mac and cheese, the food website, LoveFood, recently compiled a list of the best mac and cheese in each state. Some of these take mac and cheese to the extreme with their own unique twists on the dish. You'll see some loaded with truffle, lobster tail, or barbecued meats. All of which sound delicious in their own right. But let's take a look at the restaurant that is said to have the best mac and cheese in Kentucky.

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Kentucky Restaurant Serves the Best Mac and Cheese in the State

According to LoveFood the best mac and cheese in Kentucky can be found in Louisville. You're going to want to stop by Merel's Whiskey Kitchen and try out the Lip Smack’N mac 'n' cheese. Here's what the website said about the best mac and cheese in Kentucky:

Customers rave about the mac 'n' cheese from whiskey hall and live music venue Merle’s Whiskey Kitchen in Louisville. The shareable side dish features five deliciously melty cheeses and a crispy herb crust. Happy customers call it 'five-star mac ‘n’ cheese,' and say it's the best in the city.

Now, I have not been to Merel's Whiskey Kitchen myself to confirm this. I do know that there are several great restaurants throughout the state that serve up some delicious mac and cheese too. So while LoveFood says that this is the best, we must remember that it's all subjective. Each of us has our own taste when it comes to food. However, if Merel's Whiskey Kitchen's mac and cheese has such high praise, the next time that I am in Louisville, I'll definitely be giving this a try.

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