Sometimes going camping is scary enough with the noises and darkness all around you, but mix those things with actual ghost stories and legends and it’s terrifying.

Camping at the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky is so beautiful. The lake is full of fish and water activities for the whole family. My husband and I have been camping there several times and it was so much fun. We never saw anything scary or unusual but the stories were everywhere.

I’ll have to admit one thing that stuck out to me was very creepy looking down at the waters edge at a road leading into the water. My understanding is that when the lake was made, a town was flooded. Now it’s an underwater ghost town.

According to,


When the water level in Kentucky Lake is low, the remnants of foundations and streets are often visible, especially at Birmingham Point.

Named after Birmingham, England, the founders had hopes the town would establish an iron industry similar to its namesake. It did. Remnants can still be seen today at Land Between the Lakes

When water levels in Kentucky Lake are low, remnants of foundations, streets, and access roads are visible, especially at Birmingham Point.


That is just one of the many creepy stories that surrounds the campgrounds the line the shores of Land Between the Lakes. Here are a few more.

Kentucky Campground Is So Haunted, Some Won’t Stay The Night



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