What do you get when you combine Justin Moore with some very talented songwriters, including Rhett Akins? You get Moore's No. 1 hit, 'Point at You' -- but the song was actually almost recorded by another big country star.

It was almost Blake Shelton's voice we heard on the hit, not Moore's. The Arkansas native and Shelton were both very interested in the song that resulted in a No. 1 party in Nashville on Wednesday (Nov. 13).

Did this cause concern for Scott Borchetta, the President and CEO of Moore's record label, Big Machine Label Group? Nope. Borchetta called up the 'Honey Bee' singer to talk about 'Point at You,' and when he did, Shelton was very responsive.

"Blake's actually a really nice guy," Borchetta revealed at the No. 1 party. Shelton told the head of BMLG that Moore could go ahead and take the song -- because he liked him.

Borchetta took the time to thank Shelton and call him a "cool cat," since his generosity resulted in Moore's fourth No. 1 song. Of course, this isn't the first time a song by Akins has been fought over amongst artists.

"'Take a Back Road,' both Rodney Atkins and Chris Young wanted the song really bad," Akins shares with Taste of Country. "And 'Grandaddy's Gun' -- Aaron Lewis and Blake Shelton both cut the song."

You'd think this competition would cause problems in the country music world, but Akins remains friends with the artists. "They're all my buddies," he assures, "Whoever puts it out is going to do great on it, ya know? It's cool that they like the song, but it's kind of embarrassing for me."

The humble Akins did say it was flattering, however. "I'm just honored that more than one person actually likes the song you wrote," he says. We wonder what hit song Akins will come up with next -- and which artists will be fighting to record it.

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