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Father And Son Songwriters – Thomas Rhett And Rhett Akins Own Half The Top Ten
Talk about a family that should be proud.  The Akins family is ruling the country music world right now.  Rhett Akins had a decent career of his own in the 90's and a great songwriting career to follow, and now he gets to watch his son, Thomas Rhett (Akins), as one of country's top new artists.  Both father and son share a love of songwriting and the charts this week show that they're both pretty
Five Country Stars That Had More Hits As A Songwriter Than As An Artist
In Nashville, sometimes it's more profitable to be at the end of a pen rather than the end of a microphone.  It just doesn't pack the same adoration being a songwriter.  Many of the writers eventually try to be an artist, but find better luck sticking to writing.  Here are five guys and their awesome videos, that led to only one or two hits, but scored big when other artists got a hold of their so