Talk about a family that should be proud.  The Akins family is ruling the country music world right now.  Rhett Akins had a decent career of his own in the 90's and a great songwriting career to follow, and now he gets to watch his son, Thomas Rhett (Akins), as one of country's top new artists.  Both father and son share a love of songwriting and the charts this week show that they're both pretty good at it.

  • At number one this week is Florida-Georgia Line's hit, 'Round Here', a song co-written by Thomas Rhett, Rodney Clawson, and Chris Thompkins.
  • At number five, it's Justin Moore's 'Point At You' with writing credits going to Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman, and Ben Hayslip.
  • Number seven belongs to Billy Currington and 'Hey Girl' which was also written by Rhett Akins, this time with Ashley Gorley, and Chris DeStafano.
  • At number nine, the younger of the two, Thomas Rhett, has his own song, 'It Goes Like This' on the chart, but he didn't write it.  That credit belongs to dad, Rhett Akins, again with Peach Picker buddy, Hayslip and also Jimmy Robbins.
  • Finally, at number ten, it's 'Parking Lot Party' from Lee Brice, who co-wrote the song with Luke Laird and...Thomas Rhett....and...Rhett Akins!

It's a great week for the father and son duo, and I think this is just the beginning!  Thomas is going to be a huge star, and his dad will keep writing the best songs on the radio!

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