I got the chance to speak with world champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut after last year's World Mutton Sandwich Eating Competition presented by Kentucky Legend at the BBQ Festival and he told me he really likes mutton. I had to wonder how he even manages to taste it.

Well, he's coming back for more.

For the third year in a row, Chestnut will appear at the competition where he hopes to break yet another world record.

He set a new one last May by putting away 81 four-ounce mutton sliders in 10 minutes.

God bless him.

Chestnut, owner of nearly 40 competitive eating world records, will be among 10 to 12 contestants who will all try to topple the champ.

I have to tell you, it is an utterly amazing thing to see. I mean, I love mutton as much as the next person, but this is on, like, ten other levels.

And Joey has quite a "portfolio."

His success in competitive eating competitions has come as a result of pounding down hotdogs, apple pies, chicken wings, and glazed donuts. Funnel cakes, too.

Hmmm...that ENTIRE "menu" can be found at the International Bar-B-Q Festival, but I doubt he'll be looking for appetizers and desserts.

The World Mutton Eating Competition happens Saturday May 11th at McConnell Plaza in downtown Owensboro.

Once again, it will be an absolute spectacle to behold.

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